The big trends in the online gambling industry

Ever since their launch, online casino websites were followed by mind boggling innovations to virtual casinos novices. Virtual casinos such as are reachable always, afford security, present exciting games, and more. All in all, top online casino websites advanced, following advancements in online gambling. Maybe the most brilliant innovation in gambling is progressive slot machines. Virtual gamblers crave substantial prizes, no doubt.

Shopping Spree and Gold Bally are top progressive games found at the different online casino guides sites that allow everybody a great chance to win enormous awards. By gambling software advancements, virtual casinos designed flash games where the sums soar – progressively! Online casino gambling send some chunk from each gamble over to the progressive prizes.

Factoring a network of machines and countless online casino gamblers, the money prize thus grows. The fortunes increase until the fortunate user succeeds and wins it, either by way of a lucky spin or by matching a predefined result affixed by the casino games online. These treasures are often reported to make it to a million and more. A multi-million dollar jackpot was just netted at particular online casino, and more generally wait for winners gambling on Gold Bally.

What with the House and Senate having passed an anti-online gambling provision, and the President having done his Constitutional duty by agreeing with it by having signed it, one can’t help but wonder if the bill reflects the mood of the average American. Mind you, it might very well be the case that the average American doesn’t care one way or the other about online gambling. However, there are likely millions of Americans who have played online casino games or who one day might like the opportunity to try and do so. Did the recent anti-gambling legislation get their seal of approval?

The obvious answer is without a doubt in the negative. It wouldn’t make sense for online gambling enthusiasts in the United States to come out in support of anti-gambling legislation when some estimates put their market share of the online casino gaming industry at around 50% of wagers and revenues. Whether these gambling estimates are accurate or not, American internet gambling enthusiasts have made up a significant percentage of total wagers and probably didn’t have their feelings taken into account by their own representatives.

What should online gambling proponents in the United States be doing right now for a cause they might hold dear? Why, they should do what most symbolic or genuine oppressed minorities in the country have done, and somehow organize politically to lobby the Congress to overturn anti-gambling legislation. At the same time, they could also challenge anti-online gambling laws in state and federal courts, possibly even to the point of getting the case heard before the Supreme Court of the United States. The options are many, but the will has to be there for anything to really get done in this regard.

Here is an all-round trend watch for the online gambling industry at the end of 2006 for all those that are watching this quickly expanding industry with interest.Apart from the blow that was dealt by the US bill banning online gambling by prohibiting banks from processing payments, the industry is still expected to grow strongly. These are the main developments in the last year.

The online gambling industry is trying to attract more non-US players all over the world to fill the void left by the big US market. We will see a lot more aggressive marketing in Europe, Asia and India, and hopefully some friendly legislation coming through in Italy and England, as well as Singapore. A part of this campaign is also the awarding of big bonuses to new players, reaching up to over 800 dollars. Every online gambling is working increasingly hard to find and keep new customers. And just like their real-world cousins, the online gambling business is becoming increasingly interested in mergers, with some of the big players in the business competing for acquisitions, and especially the American based online gambling companies depending on the buying of non-US online gamblings for survival.

Apart from that, the trend towards playing against real players in real times, like in poker, is picking up with innovative programs being developed by the online gambling providers. To sum it up, the online gambling business still exits, even though it is facing tough challenges and has to find new markets.